Floorball betting: what is it and how to win?

Floorball is a sport that is a type of hockey. To a large extent, the discipline is similar to ball hockey. In this article, we will look at the basic specifics of floorball betting on this uncommon sport.

Description of the game and history of its origin

Floorball was first introduced in the USA in the late 50s, but it became more popular in Scandinavian countries. The first prototype floorball stick was made by Cosom, and the game took the same name. Players, mostly children and teenagers, started calling it Cosom.

No ice was needed to play Cosom, and the uniforms were much simpler than those of standard hockey. The first Scandinavian country to import the new hockey stick was Sweden. In the 70s, it started to become widespread and popular even among ice hockey fans.
Floorball was originally a pastime – one of the exercises in physical education classes in schools. Over time it has developed into a sport in its own right. Nowadays, there are more than 4,000 professional teams around the world, with about 285,000 players.


Floorball is very similar to ice hockey in terms of the way it is played. One match consists of 3 periods, each lasting 20 minutes. The floorball court has similar dimensions to a hockey field. One team produces five players and the goalkeeper.
There are international competitions in this sport:

  • World Championships.
  • European Cup.

Floorball leaders at World Championships have to play against less strong opponents. In most cases they are amateur teams from different countries. In most cases the final of the tournament is predetermined.

Different types of bets

On exact results.

In floorball, as in other sporting events, you can bet on the outcome of regulation time. There are three standard outcomes: a win for the first team, a draw or a win for the second team. Ties are seldom seen at international tournaments.

Double chance.

If the player is not sure if a team will win, he can hedge his betting with this betting option and bet on the club not to lose, using the double odds markets.

On odds.

There are cases, when the underdog of a match has a good form before the game, but still the chance of winning is minimal. In this case the help comes in betting on a head start, with the help of which it is possible to predict the struggle. Often the favorite of the meeting gets under strong pressure of the outsider.


This bet refers to the number of goals more or less than a certain value during regular time. For instance, in the Swedish Championship there are around 10 goals scored in a single match.

On individual periods.

In addition to betting on the outcome of the entire encounter, you can bet on the result of a single period. There are some teams that do not play actively in the first half, but some teams press on from the very first seconds. That’s why a period bet deserves special attention.

Long-term betting on a tournament.

In many sports it is difficult to guess in advance who will win the tournament, but floorball stands out with this criterion. More often than not there is a clear favourite. The main battle is between two teams and the standings are crucial. In the Swedish league, for example, bookmakers rarely offer odds of more than 1.5 for a winner.

What should you look out for in floorball betting?

In order to make a bet that will bring the client a profit at the bank, it is necessary to study the stats and the latest information about the state of the teams in detail. It is mostly available on portals in Finnish and Swedish. The main indicators that deserve special attention are:

Substitutions in the line-up.

In most sports, internationally renowned players stand out in every team, including floorball. If a star player is suspended or injured, special attention must be paid to this.

During the opening of the transfer window clubs strengthen their squads.
You need to keep an eye on your latest purchases, because even the weakest club in the league could become favourites.

The fitness of your goalkeeper deserves special attention.
The goalkeeper has an important role in the squad, just as much as the field player. More often than not, you have one main keeper, who is hard to replace, and if you drop him from the squad, you may get into serious trouble.

Current form.

Fatigue does not affect the current form of the team much. This is due to the fact that in floorball matches are played once a week. But it is worth to analyze the current situation inside the team. A series of defeats may have a negative effect on the psychological state of the players. The interplay between coach and management also has a big influence on the mental state of the team before the game.


This indicator will help the market for goals. There are teams, who play mostly in a defensive style, and score goals by counterattacks or combinations. A high number of goals in floorball are scored in the last period of a match, when one team is more tired than the other.

Penalty statistics.

The tough style of play of certain players leads to penalties and suspensions. But most do not guarantee an advantage. The factor is often strategic, but on occasion deserves attention in a total bet.

Tournament Stage.

A distinction must be made between men’s and women’s floorball. In the men’s net there is more rule breaking, tougher play and high scoring. The opposite is true for the women. An important factor when choosing a bet is which stage the tournament is in. This may be the group stage of an international tournament, regular season matches or play-offs. Players’ performance, objectives and motivation will vary according to the specific stage of the tournament. In group matches there are often high match totals and the favourites and underdogs stand out. At the end of the regular season, as in standard hockey, the team, which is trying to keep its place in the elite division for the next season, will give its all. They are very likely to beat an opponent, who has already solved his/her tournament goals and is looking forward to the rest of the season. The knock-out matches are a different story. Here the teams play with more restraint and an emphasis on tactics.